China manufacturers aluminium extrusion v slot 2020 aluminium profile for assembly line

2020 aluminium profile


Product NameIndustrial aluminium profile
Material6000series aluminium alloy
Surface treatmentMill finish,powder coating, anodizing, wooden grain coating,polishing,eletrophoresis,PVDF, sanding blasting, etc.
Slot width6MM,8MM
Unit weight0.5-3.5KG/M
AppearanceNormally square,round and T-shaped,or customized
ColorSilver,black,blue,wood color,according to clients’ requirements.

Industrial aluminium profile is apply to frame combination structure,there is a round to transition on the corner,with anodic oxidation surface treatment,elegant,beautiful and resistant to corrosion,it normally connected from inside with specialised bolt and spring fastener.

Name:China manufacturers aluminium extrusion v slot 2020 aluminium profile for assembly line
Material:Aluminium alloy 6063
Unit weight:0.61kg/m

1.Industrial aluminium class: Frame construction, Loading platform, closed construction, production line, Civil aluminum frame.
2.Aluminium products: PA molding finishing, surface preparation, aluminium part using for car, motor, elevators, air cylinder and so on. Aluminium products and aluminium profiles using for decorating, advertisement, displaying, lamp house.
3.Stage film and television modeling: Main aluminium frame modeling, screen, predant lamp, audio supportframe,air box and special work table.

production Process

1.The raw material is aluminium ingot;
2.Melting:Aluminium ingot melting through a high temperature,and then casting into aluminium bar.
3.Extruding:Open a mould according to the section design,and then press the heated aluminium bar intoaluminium profiles;
4.Anodizing:Under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, aluminum and its alloys form a layer of oxide film on aluminum products (anode) under the action of applied current. The oxide film has protective, decorative and some other functional properties.We can also do many kinds of other surface treatment.
5.Quality control:Strict standards on quality control to insure your benifits.

Finished Products

1.Machine frames, shelf, door, industrial automation equipment, table for factory and office, storage racks, storage containers, ladders.
2.Convenient construction: Owned modularity, multifunction, You can quickly construct an ideal equipment for garment and no need complex design and processing.
3.Beautiful and practical model: Light and high stiffness, Simple and beautiful appearance without painting.
4.High scalability: Unique design for T type and fillister. There is no need to remove aluminium profiles when installing components but nut and screw can be installed in any position. Refitting equipment is simple and quick.


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