Why fluorocarbon coating for aluminum doors and windows

Fluorocarbon spraying is an electrostatic spray and is also a method of liquid spraying. High-grade spray, so the price is higher.

In the past few years, it has been widely used in aluminum curtain walls. Because of its excellent features, it has been increasingly valued and favored by the construction industry and users. Fluorocarbon spray has excellent resistance to fading, anti-blooming, anti-corrosion against atmospheric pollution (acid rain, etc.), strong anti-ultraviolet radiation resistance, strong crack resistance and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Although the cost of the fluorocarbon paint spraying door and window is slightly higher, but the quality is much better than the ordinary spray, the common sun room, KFC door, revolving door and other aluminum profiles are high temperature baking fluorocarbon paint.

Fluorocarbon paint refers to a paint that uses a fluororesin as a main film-forming substance. Among various coatings, fluororesin coatings have high electronegativity due to the introduction of fluorine, strong carbon-fluorine bonds, and exceptionally superior properties such as weatherability, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, and chemical resistance. Unique non-stick and low friction.

1.Excellent anti-corrosion performance - thanks to excellent chemical inertness, chemical resistance of paint film, alkali, salt and many other chemical solvents, it provides a protective barrier for the substrate; the film is tough - the surface hardness is high , Impact resistance, buckling, wear resistance, showing excellent physical and mechanical properties.

2, maintenance-free, self-cleaning - fluorocarbon coating has a very low surface energy, surface dust can be self-cleaning by rain, excellent hydrophobicity (larger water absorption is less than 5%) and oil repellent, very little friction The coefficient (0.15-0.17) does not stick dust and scale, and has good antifouling properties.

3, strong adhesion - in aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other metals, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl chloride and other plastics, cement, composite materials and other surfaces have excellent adhesion, basically shows that should be attached to any material The characteristics. High decorativeness - High gloss of more than 80% can be achieved in a 60 degree gloss meter.

4, long-term weather resistance - coating contains a large number of F--C bond, determines its superior stability, no powder, does not fade, the service life of up to 20 years, with more than any other coating For excellent performance.

The difference between fluorocarbon painting and powder coating

Powder spray processing and fluorocarbon spray processing are indeed very similar on the surface, but there are many differences that are simply summarized. There are the following points:
1. Performance: The fluorocarbon spray coating is superior to the powder spray coating in terms of wear resistance, weather resistance, UV resistance, and not fade. Outdoor use fluorocarbon spray, indoor multi-purpose powder coating.
2, the price: fluorocarbon spray is with higher price than the powder coating..
3. Actual usage: Aluminum curtain wall, especially in the last years, according to the curtain wall design and construction units, as well as aluminum factory sales, the aluminum surface of the curtain wall, the outdoor profiles will basically choose to use fluorocarbon spraying In addition, powder coating is used for indoor profiles, and concealed parts are also treated with anodic oxidation. Doors and windows profiles, powder spraying in the past few years, and in recent years, with the use of heat-reducing energy-saving doors and windows, the high-end market rises, and now fluorocarbon spray aluminum has also been widely used.
4, KFC aluminum, aluminum profiles for outdoor use, including curtain wall panel, cladding panel, decorative panel, exterior aluminum cladding panel, exterior aluminum grid, perforated aluminum balcony, etc., should be treated with fluorocarbon spraying, otherwise it will easily fade. Surface cracks, etc., especially in areas with frequent wind and rain, sun and rain, and high wind pressure and strong ultraviolet radiation, require high-quality surface treatment. For non-outdoor curtain wall profiles, such as curtain wall columns and beams, powder coating is recommended. . For window profiles, considering the architectural effects, real estate positioning, cost, construction, use functions, and durability, it is recommended that the outdoor section of the heat-suppressed profile be fluorocarbon sprayed, and the indoor section of the heat-suppressed profile be powder coated.


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