In raw material purchasing and industry well-known brand cooperation, we purchase famous quality material to guarantee high quality:

Famous aluminium material supplier INNOVATION GROUP;
World famous powder coating suppliers AKZO NOBEL, TIGER, PPG;
Famous strip supplier YOUTAI; BAIYUNYILE;

Strengthen workers’ trainning in the production and process control: workshop level 3 pre-service trainning qualified mount guard after the company all staff, have the ablility to correct and skilled operation of the device and to ensure the quality of the product.

The whole process of quality control system, ensure that don’t pass a nonconforming product, and through the cause and effect diagram and pareto chart analysis of science and technology to strengthen the quality control process, constantly improve and upgrade the quality of the product.

Company around the whole production process to estbalish a rigorous, scientific testing system and configure the advanced detection equipment.

Detect incoming inspecting including the final inspection, semi-test, a sample of the finished profiles and doors raw materials. Incoming inspection of raw material warehouse can handle jincang formalities, untested or unqualified acceptance of storage of raw materials and not put into production. Semi-finished products for quality testing and control profiles, by detecting the center components testing, spectral analysis and other means, as well as quality round ingot, extrusion quality control, quality inspection on the row, a full-time checking and inspection and other inspection positions respectively the products of each process control testing, each product realization process, the establishement of critical control point inspection process to ensure thta a chain, quality control various aspects without blind spots, no omissions, doors sample testing will be produced mainly for the detection windows profiles into finished products after product performance and cost accounting in the noise, heat and other aspects of the conduct of, as the basis for continuous optimization and improvement of products and production processes.

The company has a direct reading aspectrometer laboratory, visible spectrophotometer, thermostatic chamber, microscope, Wei thermal meters, electronic tensile testing machine and other advanced testing equipment, with the chemical composition of aluminium, chemical properties, surface coating performance detection capabilities.