Aluminum Extrusion Profiles For Window And Doors For Sale

Aluminium Door Extrusions2
Quick Details:
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Grade:6000 Series
Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy
Brand Name:Weyerhau
Alloy:6061 6060 6063
color:Bronze by customized
type:for windows or doors
finish:anodize or powder coating
width:by customized

Surface Treatment:
mill finish, anodized, powder coated, wood grain color, pvdf(fluorocarbon), electrophoresis, polished, brushed, etc.

Gurantee for Coating Aluminum:
10-yrs limited quality assurance for interior usage.
25-yrs limited quality assurance for exterior usage (super durable weather-resistance).
30-yrs limited quality assurance for products with PVDF coatings.

Extra Aluminum Fabrication Service:
LOGO laser marking
Precise cut-to-length
Thermal Break Injection
Punching / Milling / Drilling / Bending / Cutting / Welding / Assembling

Product Description:
1. Basic information
a. Aluminum alloy: 6000 series, such as 6063 T5, 6061 T6, 6082 T6 etc.
b. The best online price of aluminum profiles supplier from China. And High quality 10 years Guaranteed.
c. Products with good finish clean and smooth, no scratch, no spot,
d. Lead time, 20 days and timely delivery.
e Aluminum profiles for windows, doors, curtain wall as well as industrial purpose.
Standard aluminum pipe, tubes, rectangular shape
Aluminum profiles for market in Kuwait, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana
Aluminum profiles for furniture and kitchen, wardrobe, skirting, tile trim
Aluminum profiles for handrail section and showing shelf sections

2,Meterial: Alloy 6063 T5
Chemical Composition 6063 T5
Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Cr Others total others
0.2-0.6 M.0.35 M. 0.1 M. 0.1 0.45-0.9 M. 0.1 M. 0.1 M. 0.1 M. 0.05 0.15
Mechanical property
Yield Strength Tensile Strength Extensibility hardness
110Mpa 160Mpa 8% 8 HW
3. Surface treatment for aluminum profiles
a.Anodizing finish
b.Electrophresis finish
c.Powder coating
d. Wood
e. Polished
f. PVDF coating
4. Manufacture technological process
Chief manufacture technological process:
aluminium ingot & alloy→melting and casting→extrusion→powder coating→pouring rubber for heat insulation→checkout→packing→PVDF coating\anodizing\electrophoresis→put in products warehouse.

Our Services:
Product Introduction
What is the extensive usage of aluminum profile?
Doors And window Series :
Aluminum alloy door and window which is the most initial aluminum profile .it has character of high intensity, light weight, good stability and anti-corrosion,
good plasticity, small transfiguration ,non-polluting ,innocuous ,insulating , strong fire-retardant ,long lifetime.
Industrial Profile :
Transportation Industry : Automobile ,shipping ,and aviation industry aluminum
Machine Building Industry : Textile machinery structure parts and all kinds of machinery structure parts .
Electric and Electron Industry : All kinds of power bus ,bracket and application radiator profile
What is the surface treatment and color we can choose from you?
1. Surface treatment:
Mill finish /Anodized /Sandblasting /Electrophorectic /Polished /Powder coating/ Wood grain painted
2. Color:
Silver,white,black,bronze,champagne,red,gold,other customized colors

1.How do you charge the mold fee?
Incase we need to open new mold for your ordered profiles ,the mold fee will be refounded to customers when your order quantity reaches a certain amount.
2.How do you quote price ,per ton or per meter?
We provide more than two pricing modes
3.What is the differences between theoretical weight and actual weight?
Actual weight is the actual weight including packaging
Theoretical weight is identified according to the drawing,calculated by of the weight of each meter multiplied by the length of profile
4.How long it will take you to make samples?
1-2 days after the tools making in general.


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